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Hybrid Cars Article - How They Run And How To Purchase

A hybrid car, as the name itself suggests, is a vehicle that makes use of more than one different power sources to move the vehicle. The system consists of an internal combustion engine and electric motors. A hybrid car performs a number of functions at the same time. It overcomes rolling resistance, air resistance as well as it powers the air conditioner, alternator and other pieces of equipments.

The electric motor of the car provides the power to the wheels while the motor is in turn powered by the batteries. The size of the engine of a hybrid car is very small and is of maximum 10 to 20 horse power. The purpose of a completely separate gasoline engine is to power the generator of the car.

Hybrid Cars are run at only one speed. This makes the engine more efficient than other cars. The power is provided by the batteries. When the car comes to halt the batteries recharge themselves and this is how the whole process goes on. For this reason hybrid cars are sometimes known as electric cars.

Examples of hybrid cars include submarines and locomotives used for pulling trains. These can be diesel-electric or nuclear-electric. Overhead cables can also provide electricity to such hybrid cars. However, hybrid cars on the roads are usually gasoline-electric.

Hybrid Cars have many advantages. One of the best is that it least contributes to air pollution. By combining two clean energy sources, one from the internal combustion and the other from the electric motor, the hybrid cars do not produce any harmful greenhouse emissions. Hybrid Cars are considered to be more comfortable than other cars. Besides, due to an automatic charging system, the batteries need not be charged by an external source. These cars also release the burden from essential fuels especially oil and natural gas. This in turn prevents inflation in fuel prices. These features not only make hybrid cars environment friendly but also beneficial for the car owners.

However, the disadvantages of the hybrid cars could not be overlooked as well. One of the major is their relatively high cost and the great weight of the vehicles. The mechanism of hybrid cars is a complicated one and should therefore be handled very carefully. In case of accidents, there is risk of high voltage wires getting exposed. This, together with its expensive documentation, makes hybrid cars difficult to afford by everyone. Nevertheless, hybrid cars remain highly popular among people due to their advanced technology and distinctive features.

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