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More Despicable Stats From The Drunk Driving Debacle

Drunk driving and their subsequent car crash articles is one of the major-concern topics in these past few years. Each year almost 1600 deaths are caused by car crashes related to alcohol drinking. Nowadays these cases are at their zenith and almost everyday people are arrested due to drunken driving.

“A 19-year-old passenger sustained a life-threatening head injury in the crash and a 20-year-old suffered an unconfirmed number of broken bones.”  (Accident on 21 august 2011 due drunken driving).

The most important thing is this that almost 70- 80% people arrested are the youth of today! These attend late night parties and then get on the roads with the drink still inside them. These then drive in a rush crashing every thing in their way!! These also often mix drugs with their drink this is further more harmful and they are susceptible to a more serious problem including drunken driving car accidents! Alcohol is an important reason car crashes. All these activities are not only dangerous but also illegal.

Drunken driving doesn’t only affect the driver but also the other people on the road threatening their lives to death! Strict methods are applied by the authorities to restrict drunk driving. Which include measures such as breathalyzers- these measures are taken into consideration by traffic police to check whether the driver is drunk by the breath of a driver. Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is another way to know the presence of alcohol in the body of a driver.  In this if the level of alcohol is more than 0.15 then it is considered to be unsafe for driving. There are other crude measures, such as by making the driver to walk in a straight path or by making them read out something!

The strict rules and guideline provided by The National Highway/The Motorway Traffic Administration has being showing a decrease in the number in the cases most recently .Various NGOs are devoted in their work to spread awareness about the problem of drunken driving. Media- such as the television and newspapers- are also playing an important role in causing awareness and are used on a wide range to create awareness among people of the dangers of alcohol and its repercussions on driving! These all measures have been able to prevent most of the drunken driving car crashes deaths in the past year!

However , there is still a lot of work on hand and several organizations need to be one to shun this cruse of drunken driving into extinction.

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