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Car Accident Articles Tell The Drunk Driving Saga Of Needless Bloodshed

One of the major reasons of car accidents occurs due to drunken drivers. This is a problem faced by every nation. A lot of people are killed every day in huge numbers due to these accidents. Viewing drunken driving car accidents articles on the internet has become a normal routine for us. Reckless driving results in these kinds of accidents. When drunk the driver loses control of himself. The poor victims of these drunk car accidents have been increasing in number over the past years. Well then let’s check some of the accidents that happen in our everyday lives due to drunken drivers.

One of the famous actors in our Hollywood industry, Ryan Reynolds claimed that he went through one of the same accidents when he was 19! He explained to the CTV news that he was busy partying in Vancouver and then decided to walk home rather than drive. He was hit by a drunken driver and received serious injuries! He says that he broke every single bone of his left side and woke exactly 3 days later with my dad by my side.  Though our actor recovered but he still cannot forget the memories of the horrible day.

Similarly a 22 year old motorcyclist in Manhattan was killed by a drunken driver early Saturday. The poor guy was waiting at a traffic light when suddenly a white Honda hit him directly from behind! Another car then ran over the man resulting in the driver being arrested by the police. The poor biker was immediately rushed to the Roosevelt hospital where he was announced dead! The police are still in search of the driver who ran away from the scene. Right next to his bike a pool of blood was seen!

Accidents like this happen every day in our lives. Another story involves a woman who was driving a van filled with children and ran in to car on a New York pathway. She died on the spot along with her daughter and three nieces. When proved medically it was found out that she was drunk and was high due to her personal problems.

So we should think about these kinds of incidents that happen in our daily lives! And do something about them. We should not drink to the extent that it becomes a problem for others. I hope our drunk driving car accident articles explained a lot.

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