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Newspaper Articles Tell The Sad Story

For one who reads the newspaper daily, car crash articles are a norm. Every third day, a car accident occurs for one reason or the other. Then, ensues an investigation leading the police to find out the causes, the criminals and those affected by the car accident. This report is published in a newspaper the very next day. Car crash newspaper articles, besides being sadistic, are exciting as well. There are many car fanatics out there who keep looking for new things happening in the world of cars. Daily, we see many shows on television airing top dangerous car accidents. The long list of sponsors for such shows suggests the demand for cars to be seen in thrilling action.

Newspapers focus more on the reasons for a car crash; if the driver was drunk, if he was too young to drive a car, if he was a criminal escaping the police, or if he did it on purpose. The reader is also kept up to date with the condition of the driver, the people hit by his car and the damage done to the buildings close by. This sounds boring to somebody who is used to watching car crashes happening on television. Yet, the newspapers also display pictures of the site of car crash; the blood ridden floor, injured bodies, and crumpled car.

News about car crashes have been a part of newspapers since long ago, when cars were invented. The irony is that every time a car accident happens, light is shed upon the causes and the consequences, and people are advised to avoid doing things that can lead to an accident, but the number of accidents is not decreasing considerably. Albeit a large number of car crashes are a result of driving while drunk, people never stop getting too drunk to drive. The newspapers should rather start a column dedicated to the ethics of driving a car, and also send out moral lessons if not driving lessons.
Car crash newspaper articles are ever growing, and so are the obituaries. When the article is about the famous celebrity bumping his car into a tree while drunk, the newspaper rating certainly goes up. People are still hungry for news related to accidents, let alone they learn a lesson from it. Newspaper articles related to car crashes still sell, but the newspapers are not to blame. At least newspapers play their role in removing oblivion!

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